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Unique Ox Cart: Authentic Village

2 Hours


The Unique Ox Cart has significant historical importance, being used for transportation in war and for carrying goods between villages in the kingdom. It is crafted from rosewood and has dimensions of 4m x 1.73m x 1.24m, with 16-spoked wooden wheels for navigating muddy terrain.

Today, this traditional mode of transportation is still used for tourists, offering a unique 1-2 hour experience. Ride the ox cart and immerse yourself in the countryside scenery and discover our authentic village.

You will take pictures of houses and see how rice wine and charcoal are made. End the tour by riding local transportation with our knowledgeable staff.


The Unique Ox Cart holds a significant role in our history, having been utilized for various purposes, including the transportation of weapons and combat during times of war. Furthermore, individuals relied on these robust carts to transport essential goods and food across different villages within the kingdom. Crafted meticulously from rosewood, the ox cart boasts impressive dimensions, measuring 4 meters in length, 1.73 meters in width, and 1.24 meters in height. It features sturdy 16-spoked wooden wheels, specifically designed to navigate muddy terrain with ease.

Nowadays, this traditional mode of transportation continues to operate in our community, offering tourists a truly unique experience lasting around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Embark on a journey through time as you ride the ox cart, immersing yourself in the captivating countryside scenery and discovering the hidden gems of our authentic village.

You will have the opportunity to photograph charming houses, witness the traditional production of rice wine and charcoal, and finally, conclude the tour by hopping on a local transportation vehicle guided by our knowledgeable staff.

Price Included

  • Ox cart
  • Interpreter
  • Snacks and water bottle

Price Excluded

  • Pick up and Transfer from city
  • Perisomal Expense

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Unique Ox Cart: Authentic Village
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